We’ve been invited to the Shooting Star Chase remembering day again this year and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s an emotional day but I find it helpful being around other parents who also are in the same position.

This year they will have a session again where poems are read and music is played and we are invited to select what we would like – if we want to.

Last year we didn’t – not because I didn’t care but just because…

Afterwards I felt like I’d let Jude down so this year I’ve had ago at writing how I feel:

You feel so very distant,
I can’t explain how far away you feel,
But the love you brought to my heart,
Is unmistakable and very real.

Poem for Jude 

Photos are not enough,
I want to smell and touch you again,
I try to remember what you felt like,
Every part of you back then.

I think of your personality,
What a content, kind, big brother you’d be,
Our family will always be incomplete,
Without you here with me.

I never ever forget you,
Though your brother and cousins make me smile,
A part of my heart will never ever heal,
I am happy and sad all the while.

Poop, I miss you. I love you. Mummy xxxx

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