Passing on a gift

Today I recieved a delivery of a food shop and the man delivering the shop was cooing over Carter. He asked if he was my first and I said no, my second. My first son Jude died at just under 5 months.

I asked if he had children. He laughed and told me that he was gay and that his partner, Peter, died in 2015 suddenly. He said that people had told him he should get back out there and that he didn’t go out. I told him I realised no one can tell you what to do as its your grief.

I said I had something I wanted to give him and I popped into Jude’s bedroom and gave him the beautiful words that were waiting for a frame which I had bought from the Gwendolyn Strong foundation which give me strength when I need them. He started to read them but was very choked and it was dark so he thanked me and left.
Not long after I recieved a text as he obviously had my number from the order. He thanked me again and wished me well. I felt good I had done what I did. I think it meant a lot to him.

Poop, thank you. Thank you for making me more understanding towards others about their grief xxxxx

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