New hair, don’t care

So after spending ALL my life with long hair, I decided on 5 August to have my hair chopped short. This may not seem particularly monumental or at all related to Jude but it was. I don’t think I would have had the confidence to do it before.

But with our 8 week old Carter keep being sick in it and me loving the ‘lob’ trend it was something I had thought about during the night feed the day before my regular hair appointment. But if it wasn’t for how Jude has changed me then I wouldn’t have done it.

I’ve always felt having long hair meant I could cover my face… I’ve always been pretty self conscious about my looks… Hated my fat arms and curved shoulders and my side profile.

To a degree that hasn’t changed, but Jude has taught me to be a bit more grateful and that it’s just hair. If I hated it then it would grow back.

So thank you boys for helping me realise it’s just hair! I felt pretty liberated. Who knows what’ll be next. As for the hair. It’s staying. For now at least!

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